Photoshoot for our new range of Sutton Swimwear goggles

James Sutton

Every year or so, our optician James Sutton consults with our prescription goggle suppliers to search for new goggles to add to our exclusive own brand, Sutton Swimwear.

This year, he decided to introduce THREE new goggles and topped up the power range on existing models. Each goggle was also given a new name by a staff poll, where we all chose our favourite aquatic themed words and decided on Reef, Shark, Surf, Wave, Coral, Stingray and Arctic.

To keep our website refreshed and to show the latest trends in goggle design, a professional photoshoot was organised. The aim was to create eye catching, visually creative goggle images from a variety of angles, to help our customers decide on the best goggle for their needs. Being able to show each goggle on both a male and female model with different ages really helps to show the size, fit and appearance relative to their facial features. 

A photographic studio was booked in Birmingham with a lighting technician and professional product photographer. Four models were chosen from an agency by viewing their stills and showreels of previous work online. A make up artist was also there on the day and the combination of these professionals really made the difference to our images. 

We provided UV rash tops, robes and of course the goggles themselves. The team employed various methods to enhance the images. For example, to reflect pool images onto the goggle lenses, they used a larger print of an actual pool held at various interesting angles. To give the appearance of being around a pool, they sprayed a mixture of glycerine and water onto the models!!

Watching professional models at work was interesting, as they are very consistent with their poise and facial expressions and can quickly take direction from the photographer to give the required image. As a result, after editing, this gave us a lot of images to choose from!

To view more of these images, visit our goggle webpages and click through the arrows next to the thumbnail images. You can also zoom in by clicking on the magnifying glass at the top right of the main image. We hope you agree that the photoshoot team did a great job. 

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“As an optometrist and regular swimmer, I enjoy sourcing a wide range of goggles and masks to help you see well in the pool, sea or spa.”

James Sutton (MCOptom)
Founder of Butterflies Eyecare

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